Legislative Agenda

Thank you for your interest in the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce’s Legislative Agenda. We strive to be your voice for business at the General Assembly.

Each year, the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce creates a legislative agenda based on member feedback. The first step in the process is to survey our members on the issues facing their business. Based on your feedback, we create an agenda that highlights the needs of the local business community.

The agenda is refined through various before being submitted to the MBCC Board of Directors. Through this process, the Chamber receives additional feedback on various issues facing our community.

Once the MBCC Board of Directors approves the agenda, the Chamber advocates for these positions at the legislature through the use of member engagement, member advocacy using various techniques, and direct lobbying. Your Chamber staff is registered as a lobbyist to ensure compliance with the recent Ethics law.

As a member, you will often receive legislative “Action Alerts.” These alerts will provide you with an opportunity to share your input directly to your legislators on issues facing the local business community. By engaging your legislators, you will assist the Chamber in making our state more business-friendly.

The Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce leads an effort to develop a consensus on economic development issues that will make our region more competitive. The Chamber will send “Action Alerts” on these issues, as well.

You will find links to the left to both Legislative Agendas. The implementation of the issues contained in each of these agendas will improve our region’s economy. On behalf of the Michigan Black Chamber of Commerce, thank you for your support of the Chamber’s Legislative Agenda and your engagement in the political process.

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